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Pediatric Sleep Consulting

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I'll love you forever, I'll like for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be.

                                                                                          -Robert N. Munsch


15 minute FREE discovery call!

Click here to schedule your free consult that will go over the services I have available to help YOU and your little one be sleeping better in a matter of days!


Newborn (0-4 months)

Healthy sleep habits can be implemented from day 1!  My newborns package is focused on laying the ground work for successful sleep patterns in the coming months.  Let's get started learning about sleep and your child's sleep needs

Infants (4 -18 months)

Congratulations on getting through those first few months!  I know you are exhausted but the good news is better quality and more consolidated sleep is achievable for your ENTIRE family.  We will approach this in a way that YOU are comfortable with, as I know how important this is.

Toddlers (18months +)

Has bedtime turned into a battle that exhausts the entire family each night?  Your toddler is not too old to learn healthy sleep habits, we will work together to teach them independent sleep skills.  Get ready for netflix and popcorn, nighttime freedom is possible!

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