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10 Days...10 Families...10+ hours of sleep

Challenge runs March 1-10

Sleeping Baby

Make 2022 the year you get more sleep!

Are you ready to be sleeping 10+ hours EACH night and get your life back!?  If you answered YES (or yelled it!) this challenge is just what you need!

Who is it for:  Families who are desperate for more sleep and ready to take action.  Are you fighting more with your kids & spouse lately? Or maybe you are starting to fall behind at work as you simply don't have the energy you once did...This is EXACTLY what you need to get back on track!

Age group:  This challenge was designed to help families with little ones aged 4-24 months old who sleep in either a bed or bassinet.

What will you learn:  Together we will tackle the biggest and most common sleep challenges families face such as nighttime wakings, early morning wake ups, crying at bedtime and of course NAPS.

What is included:  Every day you will be given a new audio clip addressing the topics above.  You can listen to it on the go, play it multiple times, and learn on YOUR schedule.  You will also receive several support documents such as sleeps logs and complimentary nap schedules.

Price:  This is the best part.... The early bird pricing is ONLY $150.00!  Book below with your Name, Email and a message saying "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" between February 1st and 7th.  Once early bird pricing ends, joining my sleep challenge will cost $200. CAD


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