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Are you ready for a change?  Are you ready to sleep 8+ hours each night uninterrupted by your child?  Is the idea of feeling rested nothing but a distant memory from the past?  It does not have to stay that way.  Schedule your FREE 15 minute discovery call with me and find out what I can do for you and your family.  I can't wait to see what your future holds!!!

What we will

I want to hear about you!  We will start by learning about each other, I will give a brief summary about myself and then I want to get to know you and your family.  I want you to know about bedtime, naps, feeding and everything in between.

I will also share with you what I can do for you and your family.  I will explain what all is included in my plans, and explain how the sleep training process will look.

At the end of our call, if you are interested in going ahead with sleep training, I would be happy to book you in for a consultation at your convenience!

The best is yet to come.






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