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Infant (4-18 months)

You made it! Way to go, those first few months are so tough, now is a great time to teach your little one independent sleep skills. More information can be found below

Infant (4-18 months)

Now that your little one is a few months old, their body clock has already developed quite a bit! Their circadian rhythm (natural body clock) is up and running which makes this a great time to start implementing gentle yet effective strategies that will teach them independent sleep skills. I recognize that "cry it out" does not work for everyone and that many families want to try a far more gentle approach that allows them to still provide comfort for their child. We will work together to come up with a plan that you are comfortable with as this is paramount to sleep training being successful. We will address your concerns around breast feeding as I respect how important this is. You do not need to stop night time feeds to begin sleep training, we will discuss this more in your consultation. This is a true team effort and I am excited to lead you on this journey to better sleep!

This is a 2 week plan, start date refers to the night you implement the sleep plan. I will call you after night one and then you are free to schedule your other support calls anytime during the next 2 weeks. Many families see big changes as early as night 3!! Additional text support and in house support is available as an add on.

My FREE 15 minute discovery call is a great way for us to meet and discuss any questions you may have.

Sleep well, Sleep sound.

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