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Newborn (0-4 months)

Congratulations on your new precious arrival! Did you know that you can set up healthy sleep habits for your little one from day 1!? More information can be found below

Newborn (0-4 months)

Having a newborn is such a magical time in your life. From their sweet little faces to their rolley polley legs, they are truly a gift. However, as perfect as they are, they often need a little guidance with sleep! I call it guidance as I don't apply my sleep training methods to babies under 4 months of age. This is not to say, that we cannot start to lay the foundation for healthy sleep. The guidance I will share with you is a proven strategy to help your child learn to fall asleep independently. This may not seem as important right now, but as your child grows and their sleep becomes more consolidated, having them in a routine to fall asleep without needing to be rocked, held or driven around in the car for 20 minutes, will be the best gift you give to them and yourself!
We will also focus on education around sleep, why they need it, how much they need and changes to expect as they grow. Sleep is essential to a growing baby and it is my goal to support parents on how to achieve the sleep needs of their child. For some babies, they are great sleepers from day one, and for others they are not. Remember this is nothing that you did "wrong", that word can be so isolating. I am here to let you know that you do not have to feel bad asking for help. I am here to support you and your family on your journey to better sleep!

My newborn package is a little different as it is focused on education and creating good sleep habits as opposed to the sleep training services I provide for infants and toddlers. By laying the foundation during these early months, you set your little one up for great success with their sleep as you will learn the most common mistakes new parents make. My goal is to not only teach you how to avoid these common bad habits but WHY it is important to avoid them. I am a big believer that those who know better, do better! After our initial 30 minute consultation, I will be following up with you over the next 3 months to make sure you feel supported as your child grows and their sleep habits change.

My FREE 15 minute discovery call is a great way for us to meet and discuss any questions you may have.

Sleep well, Sleep Sound.

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