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Toddler ( 18 months +)

Has sleep become a battle for you almost EVERY night? You are not alone, lets work together to get your family back on track with their sleep needs! Follow the link provided

Toddler ( 18 months +)

Are you at your wits end due to years of sleep deprivation? Are you ready to change that and be sleeping better in just 3 weeks or less!? Toddlers can be little tricksters, they know what strings to pull and are very good at knowing exactly when to pull them. Sleep concerns surrounding toddlers are often due to improper distribution of power. You waited your whole life to be the boss, but it seems someone else has come along and grabbed the reins on that!
You are not alone, this is a very common sleep concern and something that I am very confident that we can change. Imagine bedtime being no more than 30 minutes long, it ends with a goodnight kiss and off to sleep your little one goes. No bedtime arguments, no middle of the night wake ups and no getting up before 7am...this is possible!!! The strategies we will be using have worked for thousands of families, they have been able to completely transform their lives due to proper sleep for their toddler AND themselves. Are you ready to join the rested and soundless sleep club?

This is a 3 week plan, start date refers to the night you implement the sleep plan. I will call you after night one and then you are free to schedule your other support calls anytime during the next 3 weeks. Many families see big changes as early as night 3!! Additional text support and in house support is available as an add on.

My FREE 15 minute discovery call is a great way for us to meet and discuss any questions you may have.

Sleep well, Sleep sound.

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