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Creating the perfect Nursery

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

When you first got pregnant, how long did it take before you started visualizing what your baby’s nursery was going to look like? Full disclaimer, I have not had children yet and I already have mine 90% planned out...(How crazy am I ?!?!)

Where to start?

Even knowing what I know, it is so easy to wrap myself up in pinterest and design something completely impracticable. Aesthetically pleasing is so fun to research and admire, however, what we NEED to build our nurseries around is safety and purpose.


Design your nursery around it's main purpose...sleep! I know it is hard but keep it simple to start...think cool, comfortable, dark and boring. This isn't forever, just for now!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Cool: It may sound cold, but studies show that babies sleep best in a room that is kept between 65 and 70 degrees. Obviously, you should follow your baby’s lead on this, but a warm, comfortable sleep sack or onesie in a cool room will often lead to better sleep than no cover in a warm one.

  2. Dark: I’m talking pitch black. Some blackout curtains or blinds are a much better investment than a colorful mural. I’m a huge advocate of baby sleeping in the same place all the time, which means naps should be in the crib. You’ll find naps go down with a lot less fuss if there’s no light coming into the room.

  3. Boring: Music, soft light, pictures of Disney characters,