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Planes, Trains and Baby Sleep!

Yay! Can you believe we are just a few weeks away from Christmas!? We survived another year full of uncertainty, cancelled plans, missed holidays, and at times total chaos. So lets celebrate making it here, because I know it wasn’t easy!!!

Are you traveling to see loved ones this years!? Maybe this is your first big trip as a family and that can be stressful on its own…never mind during a world wide pandemic. I hope this blog helps you to feel prepared and ready to really enjoy the Holidays and celebrate such an exciting time with your sweet little babe!

So lets talk about the MUST HAVES to pack in your suitcase. I try to limit this where possible because more stuff means more bags which means more stress. So lets be purposeful with out list!

Note: Extra Burp cloths and Cover-ups are not a necessity if you are tight on space, you can easily find a substitute wherever you are going! Also, consider buying formula at your destination, this may be easier then packing enough for the entire time you are away!

Plane Prep

If traveling on a plane, inform the TSA officer that you are traveling with expressed milk and have it separate from other liquids, as this is NOT subject to the limit of 100 ml.

How to heat up a bottle on a long flight

Ask for a cup of hot water (most flights accommodate tea and coffee so they should have some available!), slowly add this to some room temperature water in a separate bowl or cup (bring a wide one from home) . Then set the bottle inside the cup to warm it up! Test the temperature before giving it to babe of course! Ta-daaaaa.

Now what about flying and needing to keep your milk cool...pack a small lunch cooler and fill it with frozen grapes to act as ice! (Ice-packs can cause problems at security, but for domestic travel grapes are not an issue!)

Now lets talk about packing for Bedtime

This is a very busy and stimulating time for your little one, so supporting their sleep needs is really important. Respecting their nap times as best you can, can really make a difference over the holidays for them and you.

Keep in mind the 80/20 rule as this can be really helpful in guiding you to “live in the moment” while still ensuring that they get the rest they need. So 80% of the time you will adhere to their naptime / bedtime routines, and 20% you will go with the flow and enjoy the holidays. So if a nap is late, or even missed, you can always try again tomorrow! Just move up bedtime for that night, and don’t stress Mama bear.

Here is a packing list to help make sure bedtime / naptime goes smoothly!

Check beforehand and see if where you are staying already has something listed here, then you then don’t need to pack it!.

Are you staying with family or friends? A lot of them may have some of these things in their homes that you could use during your stay. This will be so helpful in cutting down on the list of things you need to bring!

Make sure these items are in working and safe condition first, as you don’t want to arrive to an unexpected surprise! If family and friends do not have what you need, you may be able to rent certain products like a crib for example, as transporting this is not really feasible!

Are you going somewhere that does not have black out window coverings? Keeping their sleep space DARK is going to be so helpful, especially with them being so stimulated during the day. If you are worried about this, don’t stress I have an easy hack for you! Bring some black garbage bags or tinfoil and using painters tape you can tape these to the window and create you own budget friendly, easy to pack, black out blinds!

Good luck Mama, I hope Santa is good to you!

Sweet Dreams.

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